Course Resource Kit

Connections to Learning Intentions / Outcomes

Learning outcomes are specific, measurable statements that describe what successful students will know, be able to do, and value upon completion of an educational experience. Terms like objective or goal are sometimes used in the same sense. 

Assessment is the process of collecting information to measure achievement of the stated outcomes, and using that information to enhance student learning and for continuous curriculum improvement. Terms like assessment, evaluation, evidencing or measurement are often used to describe the same task. While there are multiple ways to define or differentiate between these terms, faculty are encouraged to use the label that best aligns with their discipline as long as the focus is on the measurement of outcomes and continuous curriculum improvement.

Source: Hunt, G.,  & Harris, L. (2015). A guide to writing and assessing learning outcomes at Thompson Rivers University. Thompson Rivers University.

  • Making outcomes explicit
  • What are the verbs chosen for the learning outcomes: Describe vs Apply vs Compare and Contrast.
  • Ensuring evaluative criteria reflect learning objectives.