Course Resource Kit

Interculturalizing the Curriculum

Students come from all over the globe to attend post-secondary institutions in Canada. Multicultural classrooms can create a number of opportunities and challenges for educators, who may feel unprepared for the variety of perspectives and backgrounds that students carry. We recommend reading widely about the variety of ways in which students learn, and find ways to create a classroom environment that is inclusive and honours diversity. Consider making connections with intercultural coordinators on campus to help build your (and your students!) capacity for intercultural learning.

TRU: A Globally-Minded Campus (2007) provides a range of resources for educators. It covers topics such as understanding verbal and non-verbal communication, facilitating intercultural group work, and explores various educational perspectives that may influence students’ assumptions and expectations in the Canadian classroom. This accessible guide offers practical solutions and explores many common misconceptions.  

Camosun College has developed an excellent guide on Intercultural Education, including rubrics and tips for instructors. Navitas has also developed a number of articles and resources for supporting Intercultural learners, including videos and presentations available on their website.